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26.03.2002Tech info update

Here's a little update.
What's new ? First - the newest wstech hardware doc with more exact info about sound hardware , cpu and interrupts(hblank/vblank timers).
If anybody wants to improve cygne adding sound for example - i can say only 'just do it' ;)
Also, please check these links : - for SDL port - for Win CE Port

12.03.2002Version 2.1a + Sources + Tech info released.

Due to lack of time i have decided to release the source code of Cygne as well as tech info.

The source code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The NEC CPU emulator code is taken from the MAME project, and terms of their use are covered under the MAME license. (

What's New in version 2.1a :

- Fixed SRAM emulation (Inu Yasha)
- Fixed SRAM erase after reset
- Better timing in few games

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